Emotions and the financial behaviour of professionals.

I gave this talk at the launch of Essentia Analytics, an innovative firm developing software to help fund managers track and improve their susceptibility to behavioural biases.

2 thoughts on “Emotions and the financial behaviour of professionals.”

  1. Enjoyed your presentation. I have been researching for simple ways to collect and use biologically based emotional data as part of my emotional regulation training program. You mentioned a I-phone app that you use. Could you tell me more about that.
    Thank you
    Rande Howell


    1. Hi Rande

      Thanks for getting in touch. We have been using an iPhone app recently called HRV logger (although there are others out there). It has been produced by a very bright PhD researcher into physiological monitoring called Marco Altini in Italy. You can find his details and more about the app on his website.


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